Sunday, June 13, 2010

OMG Has it been that long??

Ok I totally blew this off around the holidays didn't I?
I meant to keep up. I really did! But then HOLIDAYS! And we all know how crazy that gets


I got offered a job!

In New Orleans!

So of course, I MOVED!!!

I MOVED HOME!!! To New Orleans! How Awesome is that???

And I did it right before Mardi Gras and the Superbowl! So I was here to see my beloved Saints win the Superbowl.

But I wasn't in a home for me. I had some good friends offer me a place to stay while I got my stuff together and found a place. I truely appreciated them doing that for me. But while there I wasn't cooking. It just felt weird to take over their kitchen. They would have let me of course. But it felt like I would be taking over and I was just grateful to have a place to go to while I was getting myself together.

Currently I am in a place of my own. It a really cool place. I have a half a double shot gun. That I love and am getting together. Its in the Lower Garden District right down the street from Tipitina's. The neighborhood is awesome and I am learning more about this great city that I have already been in love with. I will take some pictures of the neighborhood and let you all see.

I am currently supposed to be unpacking but I am so sore from doing it for 8 hrs yesterday I am putting it off. LOL But once I get the kitchen together I will be cooking again and posting those things again I PROMISE! So Don't Give Up On Me!!

Meanwhile, here are some pics of the new place sans my stuff. Once I get it together I will post more pics.

From Frt Door

Frt Room/Living Room

Living Room Fireplace

Kitchen Counters

Kitchen Fireplace

Dining Room

Dining Room Fireplace


Master Bedroom

Doors from Master Bedroom to Back Patio


  1. Hi Chica.,,your place looks great...can't wait to see it with furniture. I've been bad about blogging but need to get back into it. Keeps me outta trouble.....LOl! Happy July 4th weekend. Hugs!

  2. Heya! Awesome digs! I'm soooo pumped! :)W.


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