Wednesday, September 30, 2009

School Work Pt 3 ... Advanced Baking and Pastry

The Advanced Baking and Pastry is all about taking basic baking skills: pies, cakes, cookies, muffins, breads and going to the next level with them including icings and decorations.

Baked Alaska Before Being Torched

Finished Individual Baked Alaska

Almond Nougatine & Royal Icing

Almond Nougatine & Royal Icing

Genoise Cake with Chocolate Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache

A genoise cake is an Italian sponge cake closely associated with French cuisine that does not use any chemical leavening, instead using air suspended in the batter during mixing to give volume to the cake. It is a whole-egg cake, unlike some other sponge cakes that beat their yolks and whites of the eggs separately; the eggs, and sometimes extra yolks, are beaten with sugar and heated at the same time using bain-marie or flame, to a stage known to patissiers as "ribbon stage". The flour is then carefully folded in; in stages; to retain the air.While eggs, flour and sugar are constants, there is some division over whether to permit melted butter as part of the recipe; some recipes require it, some do not. A chocolate génoise can be made by substituting cocoa powder for some of the flour. When the cake is finished baking it can be sliced into multiple layers and filled with a variety of fillings, such as chocolate, fruit, pastry cream, and whipped cream. The cake is notable for its somewhat dry texture, noticeably different from most cakes made in the Anglophone world; as a result, it is very commonly soaked with flavored syrups or liqueurs and often served with a buttercream frosting.

Individual Cheesecakes

Fresh Raspberry Napoleons

Marizipan Rose

Biscuit Joconde Cake with French Buttercream and Fresh Fruit
Biscuit Joconde Cake is also known as Almond Sponge cake. Its a Three layer cake with French Buttercream between and on the outside and then a thin layer of biscuit joconde is on the outside. It has been pour in a pan where a little of the batter had cocoa powder put in it and then "drawn in" to smake it swirly looking. The Fruit have all ben treated with a warm apricot glaze so they would shine.

Biscuit Joconde Cake with French Buttercream and Fresh Fruit

Dark Chocolate Tart

Hot Souffles

Hot Souffles
Just a basic Vanilla Souffle which rose Perfectly!! The 4 smaller ones kinda "muffined" because the sides aren't straight up on them. It was more to use up the left over batter so people could try it.

Pastillage While in Class
This a pretty sweet decorating tool that Pastry Chefs use. Its basically made of sugar and if you were to taste it, it tastes like a Necco Wafer. But they are made for centerpieces mostly.

Pastillage On Display


This variation on the baba is made without raisins and baked in a large ring mold. Named after Brillat-Savarin, a famous 18th-century food writer, this rich yeast cake is soaked with rum-flavored syrup and filled with pastry cream, topped with crème chantilly and a chocolate square.

Strawberry Meringue Tart


Opera Cake
This cake was invented in 1955 by Cyriaque Gavillon from Dalloyau. He wanted to created a new cake shape with visible layers and for which only one bite would give the whole cake's taste. It is his spouse, Andrée Gavillon, that named it "Opéra" as a tribute to an Opera prima ballerina. The Opera is a rectangular cake composed of three layers of "Joconde" biscuit soaked in coffee syrup and garnished with coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache. The top is covered with a dark chocolate coating.

Monday, September 28, 2009

School Work Pt 2... Advanced Garde Manger

This is Part 2 of things I did in school. Advance Garde Manger is obviously taking things to the next level. Centerpieces, Smoking, Carvings.

Food Carvings:

Vegetable Bouquet I carved

Chaud Froid

Cold Buffet Presentation

Cold Plate Presentation

Melon Carvings done by Chef Boupa

Melon Carvings done by Chef Boupa

Melon Carvings done by Chef Boupa

Melon Carvings done by Chef Boupa

Melon Carvings done by Chef Boupa

Turnip Roses I made with Chef Boupa for Thai Consulate Meeting at school

Turnip Roses I made with Chef Boupa for Thai Consulate Meeting at school

Turnip Roses on display

Chef Boupa allowing me and Andrea (school friend) to help carve an Elephant for Thai Consulate meeting at School

Elephant end of day 1

Elephant end of day 2

Carved Elephant Color Test

Elephant on Display

Elephant on Display

Elephant on Display

Personal Ice Sculpture One side Fleur DeLis other side a Martini Glass

Fluer De Lis side -outside

Tallow Wax Sculpture I did of a Fleur De Lis

School Work Pt 1... Garde Manger

These are all things I made in school broken up by classes starting with Garde Manger. Which also known as Pantry Station in the Restaurant Industry. Basically its mainly the "cold" food you get in the restaurant as appetizers and main entrees. They also may handle the Buffets for the Restaurant.



Gazpacho Andalusia

Melon Soup



Crocque Monsieur

Chicken Club Sandwiches

Asian Chicken Salad

Appetizers and Tapas:

Ahi Shoyo Poke

Avacado & Crab Layered Salad

Seared Ahi Salad

(Spanish Tapas: Pickle, Onion, Olive, Peppers and Seared Tuna skewered)

Grilled Serano Ham & Manchego Cheese Crostini

Tea Snacks:

Cucumber and Salmon Tea Sandwiches

Salmon and Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Salmon Mousse Vol Au Vents, Proscuito & Melon Canapes, Tomato & Mozzarella Bruschetta, Crab Salad Barquettes

Buffet Day:

Dips and Chips
Guacamole, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, and Red Pepper Coulis
Blue and White Corn Tortilla Chips and Pita Chips

Bread Basket
Wheat and White Bread

Deli Platter
Ham, Roasted Turkey Breast and Roasted Beef

Deli Platter Center Piece

Cheese Board

Apple Medley Platter

Fruit Platter

Duck Confit

Grilled Veggie Tray

Buffet Side 1

Buffet Side 2

Ice Swan Buffet Center Piece By Chef Boupa

Sushi and Asian Day:

Sushi Day

Tuna & Shrimp Nigiri Rolls

Tempura Shrimp Hand Rolls

California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, Veggie Rolls

California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, Veggie Rolls

Spring Rolls with Nuoc Cham

Spring Rolls

Finals Day:

Roasted Aspargus and Smeared Tomato Bruschettas With Shrimp

Caprese Canapes
(Diced Tomato, Mozzarella Basil and Balsamic)

Chicken Garden Salad with Spicy Cilantro Dressing