Sunday, June 13, 2010

OMG Has it been that long??

Ok I totally blew this off around the holidays didn't I?
I meant to keep up. I really did! But then HOLIDAYS! And we all know how crazy that gets


I got offered a job!

In New Orleans!

So of course, I MOVED!!!

I MOVED HOME!!! To New Orleans! How Awesome is that???

And I did it right before Mardi Gras and the Superbowl! So I was here to see my beloved Saints win the Superbowl.

But I wasn't in a home for me. I had some good friends offer me a place to stay while I got my stuff together and found a place. I truely appreciated them doing that for me. But while there I wasn't cooking. It just felt weird to take over their kitchen. They would have let me of course. But it felt like I would be taking over and I was just grateful to have a place to go to while I was getting myself together.

Currently I am in a place of my own. It a really cool place. I have a half a double shot gun. That I love and am getting together. Its in the Lower Garden District right down the street from Tipitina's. The neighborhood is awesome and I am learning more about this great city that I have already been in love with. I will take some pictures of the neighborhood and let you all see.

I am currently supposed to be unpacking but I am so sore from doing it for 8 hrs yesterday I am putting it off. LOL But once I get the kitchen together I will be cooking again and posting those things again I PROMISE! So Don't Give Up On Me!!

Meanwhile, here are some pics of the new place sans my stuff. Once I get it together I will post more pics.

From Frt Door

Frt Room/Living Room

Living Room Fireplace

Kitchen Counters

Kitchen Fireplace

Dining Room

Dining Room Fireplace


Master Bedroom

Doors from Master Bedroom to Back Patio